HP 1000 Master Files

The Master Files collection contains all of the files present in the final HP 1000 software database (over 75,000 files).  The files are grouped by content format as follows:

The type numbers correspond to RTE FMP file types, and all files are in paper tape image format.  Binary files are in big-endian (HP) byte order.  The fixed-record-length formats consist of streams of binary data.  For type 1 and 6 files, the record length is 128 16-bit words.  For type 2 files, the record lengths in 16-bit words are indicated in the individual file names.  For type 4 files, the variable-length records are delineated by carriage return/line feed sequences.  For type 5 and 7 files, the variable-length records contain embedded length words; the format is described in the RTE-6/VM Programmer's Reference Manual (HP part number 92084-90005).

A master list of all of the files in the database is available.  A portion of the database is corrupt, and some files were unrecoverable.